Hugo bike Sunny

Customers most popular electric scooter. It gives you everything, what you will expect from scooter. it´s big enough, suitable for city, roads and also you can take it to less demanding terrain

The solid and stable construction guarantees easy operation, driving comfort is a matter of course even on longer routes. Thanks to the high-quality construction, the electric scooter can handle even lighter terrain and it is possible to ride it all year round. The built-in 20.3 Ah battery allows you to overcome even longer routes on a single charge. If you want a versatile scooter, Sunny is the clear choice.

Specification Hugo bike sunny

  • Range - 80 km
  • Maximal Speed - 25 km/h, when operating on roads
  • Charging time - 4 – 8h 
  • Weight - 29 Kg
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Colour LCD display with tachometer
  • Front and back lights
  • Stand

Rules for rent Hugo bike Sunny

  • The scooter is intended only for persons over the age of 15 (for persons under the age of 18, the legal representative assumes all risks associated with the use of the scooter).
  • Persons under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while driving
  • The scooter is designed for customers up to 100 kg
  • It is forbidden to ride on a scooter in more people or in a lift
  • In case of any defect or damage, the customer is obliged to inform the rental company and may not continue to use the scooter.
  • Scooters may only be ridden on suitable paths (roads, cycle paths).
  • It is forbidden to make any changes or modifications to the scooter.
  • The customer is responsible for any damage caused by improper or incorrect handling and must pay for it.
  • It is forbidden to ride an electric scooter in the pedestrian zone of the historic center of Český Krumlov.

Traffic on roads

If the scooter is set at a maximum speed of 25 km / h, which it will develop thanks to an electric motor with an output of 0.25-1 kW, this type can be used on roads (it is in accordance with applicable legislation of the Czech Republic). If the scooter is set to a speed higher than 25km / h. which it develops thanks to an electric motor with an output higher than 1 kW, this type of scooter cannot be used on roads (it is not in accordance with the valid legislation of the Czech Republic).