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Křížová hill

A two-hour trip to Křížová hora is an ideal short drive to a place where you can only walk uphill. Excellent trip on an electric scooter ending with a beautiful view of Český Krumlov

Longitude: 6,20 km
Download: GPX

Route to download

Route to download

Places on the route

Seven stops of the pain of the Virgin Mary in Český Krumlov are located in the Horní Brána district in the southeast of the city. It ...

853m from rental CKbike

The octagonal chapel is vaulted with an eight-part vault and covered with a tent roof crowned with a lantern with a poppy and a patriarchal ...

707m from rental CKbike

Church of St. Vitus is a Gothic three-nave building dating from the period 1407 - 1439. The height of the side naves reaches the height of ...

656m from rental CKbike