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Don't know where to go? here we have prepared for you well-arranged tips for trips around Český Krumlov, of course they are already incorporated in our recommended routes for you, you just have to choose and you can go with us!

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Kleť lookout tower in Blanský les - the oldest stone lookout tower in the Czech Republic... celý článek

7 km od centra městaotevřeno!

The blue picture


A crossroads in the woods on the slope of Kleť called At the Blue Image - popularly At the Blue Lord, according to the image of Jesus Christ with the blue color of the background, which recalls the ...... celý článek

5 km od centra města

Rock wall on the Kleť


The massive rock wall is over 120 m long, up to 15 m high and about 10 m wide. The rock is made of light granulite and, thanks to weathering, contains honeycomb cavities in the walls.... celý článek

8 km od centra města

Memorial stone


At this crossroads there is a memorial stone, which was erected here on the occasion of the silver wedding of Prince John and Princess Theresa of Schwarzenberg in 1914.... celý článek

6 km od centra města

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Crisis


The octagonal chapel is vaulted with an eight-part vault and covered with a tent roof crowned with a lantern with a poppy and a patriarchal cross.... celý článek

707 m od centra města

Schwarzenberg Canal Museum


The museum expositions present the nature and natural monuments of this part of the protected area, its current state and plans for its development, as well as the historical development of the ...... celý článek

9 km od centra města

Castle garden


The Baroque chateau garden was established in the 17th century. Its area is less than 11 ha and is divided into several parts. The lowest garden terrace is called Štěpnice or Královská zahrada. It ...... celý článek

803 m od centra města

Revolving auditorium


The revolving auditorium in Česká Krumlov is located in the Upper Garden near the Bellarie summer house. The first auditorium was built in 1958, its capacity was 60 seats, and the author of the ...... celý článek

787 m od centra města

Monument to Karel Filip of Schwarzenberg


A listed Classicist building, which was built in 1816 in honor of the Czech nobleman and field marshal Karel Filip of Schwarzenberg, who defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Leipzig. It is a monument in ...... celý článek

1 km od centra města

Český Krumlov castle and chateau


The picturesque chateau and castle, together with the city center, are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most important and largest areas in Europe. It consists of 40 buildings ...... celý článek

926 m od centra města

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