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Church of St. Vitus

Church of St. Vitus is a Gothic three-nave building dating from the period 1407 - 1439. The height of the side naves reaches the height of the main nave, which ranks the Krumlov Church of St. It welcomes among the churches of the hall type. The length of the church from east to west is 44 meters, its width and height 20 meters.

Jihočeský kraj > Okres České Budějovice


Routes on this place
Longitude: 25,80 km
A half-day trip to mountain Kleť will offer you a beautiful ride through Český Krumlov and a climb along a nature-lined path to Kleť, where you can refresh yourself and enjoy the view of the whole ...
Longitude: 6,40 km
A two-hour trip to the Ptačí Hrádek will offer you a beautiful ride through Český Krumlov to the monument to Karel Filip of Schwarzenberg.
Longitude: 7,10 km
A short hour trip around Český Krumlov, you will go through all the beauties of the city from the historic center to the castle and church
Longitude: 6,20 km
A two-hour trip to Křížová hora is an ideal short drive to a place where you can only walk uphill. Excellent trip on an electric scooter ending with a beautiful view of Český Krumlov
Longitude: 12,30 km
A two-hour trip along the Dubík forest nature trail will offer you a beautiful ride through nature in the vicinity of Český Krumlov, then a cycle path around Petráškův Mlýn back to Český ...
Longitude: 46,90 km
A full day trip to Mount Kleť will offer you a beautiful ride through Český Krumlov, as well as an extensive ride through the surrounding countryside to the village of Chvalšiny to the trail to ...

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