Horní planá

Whole-day trip. In the morning, you and the Scooter will take you by Train to Horní Planá, from where you will travel 36 km through the beautiful landscape around Lipno and through the Šumava countryside back to Český Krumlov.

Longitude: 36,00 km
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Route to download

Places on the route

Polná na Šumavě is a village that was restored on January 1, 2016, before that it was part of the Boletice military district. The church ...

12,2km from rental CKbike

Horní Planá is a town in the district of Český Krumlov, located in Šumava on the northern bank of the Lipno reservoir. It is located on ...

21,1km from rental CKbike

The nature trail will take visitors along wooden sidewalks or footpaths made of wood chips through an area that has been inaccessible to the ...

16,5km from rental CKbike

The pond is located near the Lipno reservoir. Grassy beaches and natural swimming. Accommodation available nearby.

15,4km from rental CKbike

Romanesque church of St. Nicholas from the second half of the 12th century, according to available information, it should be the oldest ...

7,2km from rental CKbike

A listed Classicist building, which was built in 1816 in honor of the Czech nobleman and field marshal Karel Filip of Schwarzenberg, who ...

1,3km from rental CKbike